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Our team of php programmers with over 7 years of working experience, over 5 years of experience in outsourcing for the Japanese market.
Experience with most PHP frameworks such as cakePHP, Laravel, Symfony.
In addition, we also have experience with PHP solutions such as ECCUBE, Magento.


The hybrid programming language makes app development on mobile platforms faster and more convenient. With a team of mobile developers with nearly 10 years of experience, we can confidently advise and develop applications that bring customers the highest value.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the strong programming languages of AMCOLAB.
With nearly 10 years of experience working with Ruby on Rails, our team of programmers are always passionate and excited when writing these programming language codes.


We are proficient with .NET framework or netcore platforms. Experience working with most forms of application development, such as start-up or maintenance projects, or .NET version upgrade projects.
Good code architecture, optimal design is the value that our .NET developer team can bring to customers.


Frontend programming languages are indispensable in today's trend. The outstanding power of Reactjs or Vuejs has greatly enhanced the user interface experience.
Our frontend team always pays attention to every little detail, from the user interface to the optimal architecture of the code.


We can work on Java frameworks like Spring, Strut.
A team of Java programmers with good Japanese communication skills, many years of Java programming experience, will bring to customers a team of reliable patners, and can entrust the work.

Our technologies stack

At AMCOLAB, we help solve the business problems of companies from demanding, high-technology industries. We know that our dedicated software and network engineering teams need to work with the best technologies available to provide nothing less than code excellence.

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