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Our Work

We believe that in your success lies our success. Our team of AMCOLAB are an extension of your team, working with you to make you successful.


Online booking service


Customers are the leader in providing online medical appointment booking solutions through LINE.


Using LINE, they designed a very convenient appointment booking solution for patients. Patients do not need to install any other app, through LINE can choose the appointment schedule, choose the doctor they want to see, update blood sample test results and get medical history information quickly.

For the medical team, we build a website to help the team of doctors to register the appointment, check the patient's booking information immediately, check the patient's medical history. and store results of medical examination and prescription.
The system also supports online ordering of prescriptions and delivery to patients' homes.


Matching service

The customer is a photography enthusiast who loves to take pictures for many people.

Due to the difficulty in connecting with people who like to be photographed by guests, they came up with the idea of ​​building an application to help photographers reach out to people who are looking for a photographer.
We have helped customers build mobile applications, help match needs between the two parties, and can schedule, pay, and manage and collect money on the photos taken.

After not opening the app, the number of downloads has reached an unexpected number, but unfortunately, customers are only passionate about taking pictures, so they did not spend much time and invest in operating the application, so after 2 years public, the app has stopped working.



Social Media Management


Customers provide marketing solutions based on digital platforms such as google, facebook, yahoo, twitter.
They have difficulty managing the results of advertising on each individual channel, and do not have a general picture of advertising performance across all platforms.
They thought that other advertisers had the same problem, so they had the idea to build a service that would allow advertisers to manage all advertising on all platforms through one page. sole manager.

We've helped our customers build their apps from the very first step of creating requirements documents. We analyze with our customers the necessary features for users, and discuss the pros and cons from a technical point of view.
Even in order to understand what the customer is doing, our staff has been sent to attend a course on digital marketing so that we can create the best product with our customers.

The application can connect to most platforms: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Yahoo, etc
The challenge of the project is the big data processing part, with the volume of advertising data from the platforms, storing it all in the database, causing pressure in the management and speed of data access. etc

We used a solution hosted on Google big query, using Golang language for data extraction to increase processing speed.


Car sharing booking service

End user is a leader in car rental. They have a car sharing app and are using it.

The client is a Japanese technology company, receiving a project from the end user to refresh the entire car sharing application.

Our engineer participated in this project with the customer, as a programming engineer.
Our engineers directly work with the customer's technical team, attend daily meetings, weekly meetings, receive work directly from customers.

The challenge of the project is the large number of engineers and remote work from many places, so the management is quite difficult.

Understanding the concerns of our customers, our engineers always strive, try, and stand shoulder to shoulder with customers to overcome the most important and difficult release times.

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