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Offshore Software Development Service

AMCOLAB is an Offshore Outsourcing Software Development Company that helps customers develop custom software solutions to achieve their goals. Our team understands using the latest trends like Automation, AI, DevOps and Agile frameworks in the software development cycle. To address the growing needs of companies worldwide, we train our people with diverse industry expertise. Choose AMCOLAB as your offshore development partner and keep work transparent, seamless and in sync.

Our offshore development services include server-based application development, database solutions, web application development, wireless solutions, system integration and migration, integration and open source development as well as cloud solutions. In addition to developing acute software architecture and flawless interface, we also provide overseas software maintenance and consulting services to keep your product or service in top condition. In our ongoing maintenance service, we will integrate the software with recent features and technologies.

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Why Offshore Software Development
With AMCOLAB Technology?

Our Services

The software development services offered at AMCOLAB will help you with flexible and reliable solutions that have proven profitable for many companies from different sectors.

Using a technology-driven approach, we use customer-friendly software applications that have resulted in significant business improvement from the bottom line.

How We Work?

We will partner with you to develop the perfect software for your needs. Since we have experts in various technologies, toolkits and programming languages. You can rely on us to form the best team to work on your project. AMCOLAB Technology team has worked with clients around the world and is therefore extremly flexible in working in different time zones. We are quite open and honest about what we do and how we do it and keep you looped in at all times. 


6.Process of Scrum.webp

We use Scrum Methogology to create products in a short time and with flexiable requirement of products. 

Create a complete extra product by reducing the lead time and keeping our client in the loop at every step. 



For software development processes the required a Step-by-Step approach? We operate as waterfall system, in which we take a structured approach to the development process with great details of the software project.

AMCOLAB Engagement Models
Our flexible interaction models can help you fulfill your diverse requirements in a time-bound manner within your budget.


The Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated team engagement model focuses on long-term collaboration during product development from the ground up. Here you hire the outsourcing provider's team (developers, designers, QA engineers, PMs and others) for a monthly salary determined by the contract. The monthly fee is determined by the level of the employee (Advanced, Intermediate or Junior), the size of the team, and takes into account the hourly rate set by the software development company.

This model allows you to have the most impact on project outcomes and full control over the software development process. In addition, the customer should not worry about staff recruitment, management and other employee related issues as staff enhancement and other functions are performed from the supplier's side. However, having full control over the project's development puts you in charge of the project and requires full-time involvement. Sometimes this can even include project management on issues that occur.

This engagement model allows you to kickstart your project without any upfront cost. Create a dedicated team of developers who can exclusively work on your project. 


The Time and Materials Model

The Time and Matter interaction model has an agreed-upon payment rate at its core and takes into account real-time spending on the project and the resources used. Therefore, you are fully involved in this process and can change the requirements whenever there is some request. The pricing model is based solely on the actual time the development team spends implementing your product. The only drawback is that you cannot predict the final project management costs due to the flexible option. But because the software development process is iterative, every iteration in the development process ends up with a workable product.

AMCOLAB understands that optimizing budget is a top priority and offers a flexible T&M pricing model that allows customers to control and save costs at every stage of product development. This model can be a great choice for rapidly changing environments, giving you the ability to change requirements at any time and still be the first to market your newly developed product.


The Fixed-Price Model

The fixed-price engagement model defines a working relationship based on a set budget. The model suggests a single-rated bill despite the time and resources used. To set the budget at the beginning of cooperation, the team has to be fully aware of your requirements, business needs, and costs you are ready to spend. Besides, you have to communicate all the requirements to the outsourcing vendor clearly and in detail. After the start of the implementation phase, the scope of work cannot be changed, because the pricing model proposes a permanent co-working project-based method.

The biggest advantage of the project team model is the ability to hire the right talents and plan your project before putting it into work. If the planning seems complex, the outsourcing vendor might give you insights into the fixed price of specific services. What is more, you can always request a Discovery Phase to know all the project-based details. Hence, if you have a set list of requirements, a fixed price to pay, and a deadline, but have no team, we are ready to offer you one!

Deveopment process

1 / Project scope assessment

Our team will collect project information. Determine the project's goals to be achieved, develop a project plan to achieve the project's goals.

2 / Resource allocation

Based on the project plan, allocate resources to implement the project.
With a dedicated team, customers can interview, perform tests to check input.

3 / Project kick off

The project manager will kick off the project.
The whole team understands their purpose and mission in the project.
The development tools and environment as well as the communication environment are also set up to get ready for the project to start

4 / Daily/Weekly meeting/Demo meeting/Q&A

Conduct daily meeting or weekly meeting.
The results of the work done in 1 week will be shown to the customer at the demo meeting.
During the project implementation, the unknown points will be continuously discussed by Q&A

  • Will I have direct contact with the assigned developers?
    At AMCOLAB We believe in Transparency and smooth communication. Hence, we ensure that our developers stay in direct contact with the clients and deliver their requirements with absolute precision.
  • How about payment method?
    You can pay us in 2 ways: 1 Direct transfer to our bank account in Vietnam Accepted foreign currencies: USD, JPY, VND 2 Online transfer using Paypal or Wise
  • What is your typical team size for every project?
    Since every project is different the need of testers also varies from time to time. But we do have a huge pool of certified testers that will tirelessly work for you.
  • What wiil be the estimated cost of hiring developers?
    The estimated cost of developers varies based on several factors, including the number of years of experience, skillset, and project demand. You can refer this article for more information. Source:
  • Do you sign NDA for privacy?
    AMCOLAB believes in respecting the privacy and security of its clients. Hence, we do sign a non-disclosure agreement or NDA to keep things secure and confidential.
  • How about communication in Japanese?
    Don't worried about it. We offer two options for you 1 Developer who can speak Japanese Japanese level N2 or higher Can communicate normally 2 Developer can't speak Japanese We will assign a communicator for free that will help translate Japanese-Vietnamese documents and help communication in Japanese
  • Can I hire developer of my choice?
    After carefully considering your project requirement, we will assign experienced and skilled Frontend developers for your project. If you prefer, you can hire the developers after scheduling interviews and choose based on your choice.
  • What if I am not satisfied with the developers?
    Although, it’s most unlikely if you’re not satisfied with your assigned developer regarding his/her performance, your first point of contact would be our service manager who mediates, understand the issues, and suggest a favorable solution to it. If required, it’s also possible to change your developer.
  • What is avarage time you take to develop a web application ?
    Since every project is different the need of testers also varies from time to time. But we do have a huge pool of certified testers that will tirelessly work for you.
  • What about warranty responsibilities?
    After handing over the product, if the customer completes the product acceptance test, from 6 months after that, we will provide a free warranty to repair bugs and software errors caused by our side.
  • How about working timezone in Viet Nam?
    Vietnam time is 2 hours behind Japan, so our working time is as follows Japan Time: 10:30 ~ 19:30 Vietnam Time: 8:30 ~ 17:30
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